SEEING DOLPHINS – Ocean Adventure


Ocean Adventure is the first Open Water Marine Theme Park in Southeast Asia. It has become one of the premiere attractions in Subic Bay, Philippines as well as all of Southeast Asia. Ocean Adventure has demonstrated a history of providing environmental awareness education combined with wholesome entertainment. Ocean Adventure’s advocacy for environmental protection and its corporate social responsibility programs are second to none.

The only ever souvenir that I might have gotten from Ocean Adventures is a green dolphin. This is because we often don’t get souvenirs especially if they cost quite a lot. Right now, looking back to 2015 – when I visited most places, I regretted not taking too many pictures. I have no idea why. It is either I’m the kind of person who simply wanted to be in the moment or that I am camera shy. Which is which. Maybe next time I’d try taking more pictures whenever I visit other places.

It was too hot inside the place. For someone who is more used to how cool Baguio feels, it made me uncomfortable being inside. But you are always never allowed to judge a place by its entrance. Because what’s inside might look more or less better than the steaming hot entrance.

Since my parents are not usually the type to spend too much in a place with an entrance fee that is expensive for them, we just followed the fixed program given to us. Most of them concern dolphins, sea lions and some acrobatic performances.

The first one is mostly about the animals they kept in their zoo and the way they had presented them is interesting. It is nice to meet such animals in the way of how they actually move in their environments.

Ocean Adventure7

Rescue Center. First Program.

What amazed me the most is the dolphins’ show. For one, I haven’t seen dolphins in real life yet until Ocean Adventures. All my younger years I had been wondering when I’d ever see a dolphin or if I’m even going to see one (the miseries of someone who’s not usually allowed to just go anywhere without permission).

Ocean Adventure4

Hello Dolphin

Ocean Adventure5

Human and Dolphin race

Aside from that, it’s our first time actually seeing the Velascos’ Family in action and it is amazing watching their acrobatic performances. In fact, everyone held their breath upon watching their amazing acrobatic performances and seeing how flexible they are.

Ocean Adventure10 Nicole with Velascos

The Velascos and my sister

The third show is also fun, especially if you’re quite near the stadium. You would really get splashed by the sea lions. It’s amazing how they can be trained and how cute they can act. In fact, sometimes they feel more or less like dogs but sea dogs.


Sea lions.

Nonetheless, even if we just followed the actual program given to us, I still did enjoy going to Ocean Park Adventures. While I would have wanted to swim with the dolphins, I’d be alright with what I experienced, maybe someday when I come back, I’ll try riding a dolphin.

Ocean Adventure6

Ocean adventure with sisters


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