Layak Paanod: Wild Water Tubing



layak-paanod-davao-13_zpshsndmcx0 (1)

River Tubing or locally known as Paanod in Davao is an outdoor sport in which people ride salbabidas (or inner tubes, “donuts”, “biscuits” due to their shape) down a river. Depending on the conditions of the river, tubing can be a relaxing way to spend a day, or it can be an energizing wild adventure. It’s like white water rafting, but with tubes in place of the rafts. But unlike water rafting which you do in a group; this water sport depends on you entirely.

I don’t know how to swim so I was a little hesitant to float and flow freely down the rapids on my own but this was another activity I was really excited about and looked forward on this trip so I’m not gonna back out. Layak team will provide the life jackets and helmets for additional safety.

We were told that the river is shallow. We can stand on our feet if we fall out of the tubes. Though, there are deep areas, too. In any case, the best way to go on is just to float freely, Layak team is there to assist and rescue us all the way to end of the ride.


There’s another thing that you might want to try. To float down the river using just a two bottles connected with each other using a rope. It’s good because the bottles acts as a “salbabida” so you will just float and just go with the flow of the river.


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