This site is about experiences. Rich ones that are taken from the eyes of those whose feet are as light as a feather and those who cannot be bottled in one place. We are here to share those experiences and make sure that you see them too and make you want to go to this place if ever you visit. That’s all, happy browsing gala friends~!



Princess B. Jacob

An avid reader and a bookstore visitor. Stuck in house most of the time but when there’s a chance of travelling, will travel with family.


Krizzhia S. Bigornia

An outgoing and happy go lucky person. Spent most of  her free time, reading books at National bookstores (because its free haha). Loves collecting Hello Kitty stuffs and most specially loves travelling.



Samantha Louise S. Magalong

More of a bibliophile than a bookworm. Is also an expert in lightsaber duels and random (mostly useless and condescending) trivias. Also is a horror movie, conspiracy theories, and puppy enthusiast.



James G. BaybayanIMG_9593
A very easygoing person. A person who loves to explore and travel. Enjoys hanging out with friends with a cup of coffee or some  funny stories. Has a big heart  for food.



20160320_084639Joneil S. Argao
An adventurer, who loves relaxing while hanging outside. For him traveling with his family and friends is the best. While his at home, he’s spending his time watching documentaries, movies, animes, and KDramas. He loves Filipino dishes, especially sweets.


Jomari Lester B. Julhusin
A happy-go-lucky boy that loves to travel with his family and friends. Jomari takes life lightly and he’s not focusing on negative vibes. He believes in the saying that “You should never regret anything in life. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it,s experience.