Kultura Splash Wave




Travelling and chilling out is relaxation. Together with my cousins, Family and a friend, move down to experience fun in Kultura Splash Wave. We start travel exactly 7:00 in the morning pangasina to la union.  But before we directly go at Kultura we need to stop at ther market to buy some food. From Binalonan to Pugo it took us 1 hour on the road. But if you take a bus around 1 hour and 30 minute travel.
Before entering we need to pay first our entrance fee (250php for adults and children below 4ft 180php), After paying our entrance fee we need rent a cottage for 1000php. And 20 pesos per person  I think you have bring an outside food.

My cousin Nathan is 4 years old and he is celebrating his 5th birthday. There a lot of acitivity in Kultura.
The Giant side.

We enjoy the giant side but 1st is to scared because its so high.
We also enjoy there’s pool. They have uniquely-designed Delphine pools, lapping pool and the Banban’s Bucket pool Bubble pool. But for me the best pool is the Sagada cave, there pool is like a beach but it just only 15 minute every hours.
not only swimming we  do in Kurtura you can also try their aerial zipline that is my 1st time to experience zip line and my other cousin try the Wall climbing.
We realy enjoy and had fun bounding with my family and friends at Kultura.


Rock Formation




Located in the municipality of Burgos, Ilocos Norte lies the rock formation called Kapurpurawan Rock Formation (simply, Kapurpurawan). Kapurpurwan is one of the best tourist spots destination when visiting the province of Ilocos Norte. It is situated in the coastal part of Burgos and were said to be formed by the combined forces of the ocean waves and the wind.

When go  there  the weather is not so good it so rainy. The actual site of Kapurpurawan can’t be reach by vehicles. So we are require to walk from the jump off point in order to see it. It will take less than 15 of minute walk well. Still depends on your pacing. But some of my Cousin horse to take you there. Horse ride is 100 pesos (two-way).  Kapurpurawan comes from an Ilocano word “puraw” which means white and there’s no doubt why it is so called like it due to its evidently creamy white rock formations. I was able to see it half way from the jump off point because of its stunning white form of a mountain. Though it will be extremely hot because it is in an open area, the rock formation will be in its whitest form due to the direct rays from the sun plus it will be super dry.

Image: http://www.tuklaserangmatipid.com/2013/04/pagudpud-and-its-hidden-gems.html

Boracay of the north .




The town of pagudpud is located up north on the tip Island. There’s a lot attraction like suad beach, a serene white sand beach on a quiet cove facing Bagui Bay. But aside for Saud beach, there are several other attractions in the area that keeps the town on the shortlist of travel aficionados. We travel pangasinan to pagudpud it will take 6 hours.  We stay in a house for rent because it’s cheaper than if you have stay in hotel.

Early morning walk at the famous Beach. They called the Boracay of the north.  We enjoy the vacation the water is so clean and the sand is super white and also the beach is so clean. There also a lot of beach activity you may do in the beach. At the evening we watch fire dance. We stay In pagudpud in just 2 days. Then after than we go to other tourist spots.

Dasol Beach


DASOL (16)

Tambobong Beach Dasol, Pangasinan is also known as Boracay of the North because of its white beach sand and crystal clear water. After 4  hours of travel we finally arrived at Tambobong White Beach. I didn’t expect that the travel time will be that long. I was just expecting a 2 to 3 hours because it just part of panagasinan.

We stay in a resort, to enjoy the day with the beautiful beach of Dasol. For me Dasol beach is one of the cleanest beach in Pangasinan we enjoy to swimming because you can see a clear water and so clean.

Dasol beach not like other beach in pangasinan, if you want to a private beach resort dasol is the perfect place it because there are only few people here. Tat why it’s a suitable place to unwind. My family love sea food so Dasol beach is also perfect place to who is se food love because they’re a lot of  fresh sea food in the beach that you can cheaper  than the market.



Museo de Baler

Once you reached the plaza of the baler, you can go start exploring one place to another just by walking. You can see the Museo de baler,  the museo  isn’t that big. It is basically a two story building that displays various artifacts and paintings about the history of the province. The museum is relatively new and the first thing that will catch your attention is the building’s unique facade which is adorned with intricately detailed cold cast mural depicting various historical events associated with Baler.

In the Museo you can see the  mural is sculpted by Toym Imao, the son of the National Artist Abdulmari Imao and the Dia del Galeon or the Day of the galleon which features various Spanish related artifacts.




Baler can considered as one of traveler’s paradise in the province of Aurora. Just 6 Hours away from pangasinan, it offers a wide array activities and interesting attractions that you will surely enjoy. Baler Aurora was rich in history, awesome food, adventurous activities and natural wonders there are many Activities in Baler. A short vacation is an idea visit to see and explore most of baler’s famous tourist sports and attractions. We Go to baler every time my mom has have a vacation in her work. Baler is the birth place of my mother because of that every time we go there we go there we stay in the private of resort of their family. I remember that time when baler was not develop the road to go there was so dangerous. But if you reach to  reach you can see the beautiful beach of the province. Aurora know as surfing capital. There’s a lot of tourist attraction in aurora.

Hundred Island



The Hundred Islands National Park is a national park in the Philippines. The protected area is located in the city of Alaminos, in the province of Pangasinan in northern Philippines.
Travel Distance from Baguio city – 136 kms, 3 hours.
There are 3 main islands, the Governor’s island , The Quezon island and the Children’s Island.
If you familiar the reality show Pinoy Big Brother a few yers back, Governenors Island is the only one with a complete quest house. The rented is Php. 5,000 per night. Its ideal for a big groups that would like to spend a night on the island.
The big brother lodge has a view deck has been bulit on top of the island. It will take some will and determination to climb the 123 step staircase to get there. But if you reach the top you can see the beautiful of the island.

Beyond the Island seat Virgin Island, They given the name Virgin Island because the island look like a  simulate the body of a woman.  But if you see you cant see the body of woman. The island has a smll and peaceful and have a perfect place to escape from the reality.

Quezon Island is one of the most friendy island. They named it after late president Maunel Quezon. Is island is perfect to Snorkeling is a standard part of the island hopping itinerary. The rent fot snorkeling goggles cost 200.00