7 WONDERS OF LA UNION – Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel La Union



The Beauty of Nature

My classmates and I all have our own reasons why we want to go to Tangadan. First is of course to see the beauty of the falls. Second is in order to escape all the stressed in the city. In order to get there you need to ride a tricycle from San Gabriel town plaza to the starting point of the trail. Then you need a tour guide, our contact was Kuya Pedro. I think he’s very popular because he’s the top most recommended tour guide online. Mainly for 2 good reasons: He offers the most reasonable and affordable fee and second, he is a fun tour guide. For the 9 of us, total fee was 1000 (environmental fee of P30/head is not included yet).


Crossing the Baroro River

The first part of the trek was the crossing of the Baroro River then the cliff diving part – 5ft., 10ft., or 25ft. For non swimmers, they can also try this but they must rent a life vest for 50 pesos. The tour guide will assist you so nothing to worry about. He’ll teach you the proper way and he’ll do it first so you’ll have an idea and he’ll be there waiting for you.


Me and my friends survive the TANGADAN FALLS

The second part was the Tangadan Falls. Our group took 1 hr and 30 minutes in order to reach the falls. Once you reach the end, you just can’t help but fall in love with how beautiful it is and you’ll feel refreshed with the sight of the falls. Despite of the long trek I can say that it’s all worth it. You can swim until 5 pm in the afternoon. You can also rent a vest if you don’t know how to swim it costs 50 pesos each. There are also 2 mini falls at  the other side of the falls.

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/krizzhia.bigornia/media_set?set=a.1063337530410137.100003100839135&type=3


7 WONDERS OF LA UNION – Bahay na Bato, Luna La Union



A Glimpse of the Sea

Last year me and my boyfriend went to Luna La Union in order to witness their main attraction which is Bahay na Bato. It is a perfect place in order to relax despite of the hustle in the city. Bahay na Bato is located at Brgy. Naval Norte, Luna, Union . General admission is at PhP 20 while kids who are below 4 years of age are free of charge. It is open daily from 6 am to 8 pm.


Enjoying the beat of the waves

The house is open for any occassions such as weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, and other functions. Families and friends who want to enjoy a memorable night under the stars can sit around the bonfire pits. Swimming isn’t allowed for safety reasons but the beach provides a good spot for listening to the music made by the crashing of the waves onto the pebble-filled shore. Listen to it and you might just fall asleep because of the relaxing beat.

Photo taken by Krizzhia Bigornia

7 WONDERS OF LA UNION – Poro Point, San Fernando La Union



Poro Point Baywalk

Poro Point, also known historically as San Fernando Poro Point is a headland and peninsula located in the city of San Fernando La Union on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. It projects northwesterly about 3.2 kilometres (2.0 mi) into the South China Sea It was named after its location within barangay Poro and is the site of Poro Point Freeport Zone, a special economic zone.

Sillag or Festival of Lights is one of the events held in Poro Point. It it celebrated in order to showcase and promote development  beyond the confines of the Poro Point Freeport Zone. Its location is perfect when taking a selfie. It is also a perfect place for relaxing because of its ambiance. Thunderbird Resort is also located beside the Poro Point baywalk.

Image source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1396173197107681&set=pcb.1396173497107651&type=3&theater

7 WONDERS OF LA UNION – Grapes Farm, Bauang La Union



Bunch of Grapes – Grapes Farm

La Union is often equated to surfing. Most people visiting the smallest province of Ilocos Region come to try the waves of San Juan La Union. But what most tourists do not know is that La Union is also home to locally grown grapes. These grape farms have been considered as added potential tourist attraction of the province in recent years. These farms were located at the boundary of Bauang and Caba La Union

These grape farms are open to visitors who are eager to see real grapes and pick them first-hand. After a brief introduction as to how the grapes industry started in Bauang, a staff of Gapuz Farm showed us the grape vines. The grape vines were about 6 feet high. Different varieties of grapes are also said to be grown by Gapuz Farm, and they come in different colors — green, violet/purple to red. They also grow other fruits like guapple, dragon fruit and even papaya.

We were handed a scissor and a basket, that will be use in picking of grapes. I asked which ones should I pick and was advised to choose the red colored fruits because it is sweeter than the green. We will also eating grapes while picking. By the way, a kilo of grapes was worth P250 – P300. They also have grape wine that costs 50-100 pesos depending on its size.

Photo taken by Krizzhia Bigornia

7 WONDERS OF LA UNION – Aplaya Beach, Agoo La Union



Sunset at Aplaya Beach – Krizzhia Bigornia

Found in one of the municipalities in the Surfing Capital of the North, is Agoo La Union. It served as the main port for exchanging products among foreign traders. On the way to the beach, travelers will come across hills and fields of greens which are very refreshing to the eyes. Nowadays, the area was developed to cater to people who want to have a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The photo was taken last September 2016, I had a very nice experience in Aplaya Beach because of the ambiance, it was really peaceful and quite. Pebbles and rocks of different sizes are also found on the beach shore, adding to the picturesque view of the beach. You can also climb on the rock formation to enjoy a better view of the horizon.

Photo taken by Janby Calub