DreamPlay – City of Dreams Manila


While the hotel and casino complex accommodated the adults in extravagance, the children can also enjoy and indulge in one of the best and most famous attraction in the city, which is DreamPlay Manila.

DreamPlay by Dreamworks (the company who created Shrek, Kung-Fu Panda, Madagascar, and a lot more movies for both children and adults) is an indoor theme park that showcases fun activities for the youngins and the feeling-youngins.

The theme park lets the people experience Dreamworks’ most famous animated movies with interactive games and studios, recreational games and obstacles.

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The theme park includes a 4D theater that lets the  audience experience a movie clip coming into life.

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It also includes a studio where people can enjoy creating and animating their own Dreamworks character into a movie clip, this part of the park is called DreamStudio.

Not only do the visitors experience visual pleasure, but they can also get in touch with their physically active aspects with wall climbing, basic dojo training in their Wall of Destiny and Fast as Lightning Kung Fu Fighting (this is really the name of the activity).

The visitors could also get in touch with their creative side in making robotic objects and food by trying DinoTrux and Gingy’s Kitchen.

One of the best parts of the theme park was the its ability to ensure that the visitors get to know their characters. So they included Shrek’s Swamp and How to Fly Your Dragon in order to let the people experience and simulate how the characters lives are. In these parts of the attraction, they let the guests discover certain stuff and fun tidbits.

While the attraction was very interactive and very children-oriented, the park didn’t forget all the adults that forgot how to be young, so they included (almost like) a mini park where the adults can lounge while the children roam about the premises, and Chez Gingy, a cafe where the people can rest or relax while enjoying a cup of coffee or a good pastry while the people they care about the most enjoy themselves trying out the attractions.