Jingle Bells – Christmas Village




Let me give you a small hint, the snow in the Christmas Village is not real snow. This is the same situation as the time when people were gathered in Session Road, expecting snow to come but actually watching soap bubbles fall from the sky. That’s what the snow is in the Christmas Village, soap bubbles. You even have to be careful in navigating around given that. Nonetheless, despite that it is still popular and commonly visited by tourists and locals alike. Even my family makes it a point to visit Christmas Village when it’s around.

Before I saw Christmas Village, all I ever relied on is my classmates’ stories. This is since I am from the Special Program in the Arts during High School, I have classmates that are under Choir. They are once invited to sing in the Christmas Village. Given that, I only relied on their stories as to how it looks like.

One night, when my Mother decided that we go visit the Christmas Village, I’m curious as to how it looks like. However, it kind of betrayed my expectations with the soap bubbles. I thought they would at least present it in a way wherein it would look closely like snow, not to mention the possible hazard that soap can do when you’re stepping on it.

Even so, I am not undermining the Christmas Village as a whole. If you are with your family and with siblings that are still young (and given how I love watching people), it would probably be heartwarming to you. I mean, just looking at families who actually take the time to come there even though it wasn’t exactly as extravagant as people might think, it’s still something they can think of going to.


Dancing Elves


Santa Toy Factory


A Sled ride

I can say the same with my family. Aside from that, if you enter it would feel more like you entered an actual Christmas Village minus the faux snow (well, at least they tried). You can see actual reindeers, snow men, elves and all the usual things (I haven’t seen Santa either or I might not have noticed him). Either way, it is worth a visit. So, jingle bells jingle bells to Christmas Village.




La Vista Inland Resort, Bataan


WavepoolWave pool resort is a favorite summer hangout of vacationists. It is a waterpark with lots of pools, slides, and cottages. Entrance here is very cheap and the cottages are also cheap. They have different kinds of pools for kids to adults. For kids, there is a man-made pirate ship, and for adults, there are slides, tunnels, infinity pool. The most popular pool here that everyone wants to experience is the Wave pool, where the wave of the water is synthetically created. It’s like you are swimming in the sea that is not salt-water. There are different booths where you can take a picture and different halls for events.

Camayan Beach, Hotel Resort



Camayan Resort is a famous luxurious resort that is right after the Ocean Adventure. It is a well-known staycation for tourists with great customer services. It is a resort with a beautiful white-sand beach, with the availability of swimming pool. They have a restaurant with Filipino dishes inside of the vicinity. Though you need to reserve for a vacancy of rooms earlier because the resort is always full.

Photo from: https://www.google.com.ph/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwj4oaKii_LTAhWCjLwKHSApBvgQjRwIBw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.travelbook.ph%2Fphilippines%2Fzambales%2Fsubic%2Fcamayan_beach_resort_and_hotel_918252%2F&psig=AFQjCNEcqX6dPJ0ZvWVwMe2Itf3zvQ2qUA&ust=1494944122963753

Zoobic Safari



Obviously, it’s a zoo, but not just like because it’s famous. It does have a lot to offer with a very wide area. Adventure for the visitors as well as safety is prioritized here. There’s a walking tour for many species of animals with available picture booths. There is a close encounter area for lions and tigers; tour in a man-made savannah with lots of pigs, horses, and ostriches; different cages for preserved animals and real snakes; an area full of crocodiles, animal parade and night parade; and also the native people of Aetas. The most popular area here is that when you ride into a closed jeepney, and then you will be entering an area, where tigers are free, then you can feed them on the top of your vehicle. Souvenir booths and picture booths are also available for tourists.

Photo from: https://www.google.com.ph/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjn_qmRifLTAhVEebwKHRuCAN8QjRwIBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.zoomanity.com.ph%2Fthemeparks%2Fzoobic-safari%2F&psig=AFQjCNFnZxKR_moJUmW0hcwux5zckgWvgw&ust=1494943551582701

SEEING DOLPHINS – Ocean Adventure


Ocean Adventure is the first Open Water Marine Theme Park in Southeast Asia. It has become one of the premiere attractions in Subic Bay, Philippines as well as all of Southeast Asia. Ocean Adventure has demonstrated a history of providing environmental awareness education combined with wholesome entertainment. Ocean Adventure’s advocacy for environmental protection and its corporate social responsibility programs are second to none.

The only ever souvenir that I might have gotten from Ocean Adventures is a green dolphin. This is because we often don’t get souvenirs especially if they cost quite a lot. Right now, looking back to 2015 – when I visited most places, I regretted not taking too many pictures. I have no idea why. It is either I’m the kind of person who simply wanted to be in the moment or that I am camera shy. Which is which. Maybe next time I’d try taking more pictures whenever I visit other places.

It was too hot inside the place. For someone who is more used to how cool Baguio feels, it made me uncomfortable being inside. But you are always never allowed to judge a place by its entrance. Because what’s inside might look more or less better than the steaming hot entrance.

Since my parents are not usually the type to spend too much in a place with an entrance fee that is expensive for them, we just followed the fixed program given to us. Most of them concern dolphins, sea lions and some acrobatic performances.

The first one is mostly about the animals they kept in their zoo and the way they had presented them is interesting. It is nice to meet such animals in the way of how they actually move in their environments.

Ocean Adventure7

Rescue Center. First Program.

What amazed me the most is the dolphins’ show. For one, I haven’t seen dolphins in real life yet until Ocean Adventures. All my younger years I had been wondering when I’d ever see a dolphin or if I’m even going to see one (the miseries of someone who’s not usually allowed to just go anywhere without permission).

Ocean Adventure4

Hello Dolphin

Ocean Adventure5

Human and Dolphin race

Aside from that, it’s our first time actually seeing the Velascos’ Family in action and it is amazing watching their acrobatic performances. In fact, everyone held their breath upon watching their amazing acrobatic performances and seeing how flexible they are.

Ocean Adventure10 Nicole with Velascos

The Velascos and my sister

The third show is also fun, especially if you’re quite near the stadium. You would really get splashed by the sea lions. It’s amazing how they can be trained and how cute they can act. In fact, sometimes they feel more or less like dogs but sea dogs.


Sea lions.

Nonetheless, even if we just followed the actual program given to us, I still did enjoy going to Ocean Park Adventures. While I would have wanted to swim with the dolphins, I’d be alright with what I experienced, maybe someday when I come back, I’ll try riding a dolphin.

Ocean Adventure6

Ocean adventure with sisters

Subic, Zambales


subicI lived in Subic, Zambales. It’s a peaceful rural town where tourism is at boost. Subic has a lot to offer from foods, sceneries, beautiful beaches and more. The town is not a typical town, because there’s a lot of adventure that you can have. Beautiful white-sand beaches are well known world-wide. Now there’s a new Inflatable Island that is in trend for tourist attraction today. World-class Mangoes and Turnips are also available here. There are lots of luxurious hotels available for vacationists, and also night hangouts like clubs. This town have a lot to offer to tourists.

7 WONDERS OF LA UNION – Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel La Union



The Beauty of Nature

My classmates and I all have our own reasons why we want to go to Tangadan. First is of course to see the beauty of the falls. Second is in order to escape all the stressed in the city. In order to get there you need to ride a tricycle from San Gabriel town plaza to the starting point of the trail. Then you need a tour guide, our contact was Kuya Pedro. I think he’s very popular because he’s the top most recommended tour guide online. Mainly for 2 good reasons: He offers the most reasonable and affordable fee and second, he is a fun tour guide. For the 9 of us, total fee was 1000 (environmental fee of P30/head is not included yet).


Crossing the Baroro River

The first part of the trek was the crossing of the Baroro River then the cliff diving part – 5ft., 10ft., or 25ft. For non swimmers, they can also try this but they must rent a life vest for 50 pesos. The tour guide will assist you so nothing to worry about. He’ll teach you the proper way and he’ll do it first so you’ll have an idea and he’ll be there waiting for you.


Me and my friends survive the TANGADAN FALLS

The second part was the Tangadan Falls. Our group took 1 hr and 30 minutes in order to reach the falls. Once you reach the end, you just can’t help but fall in love with how beautiful it is and you’ll feel refreshed with the sight of the falls. Despite of the long trek I can say that it’s all worth it. You can swim until 5 pm in the afternoon. You can also rent a vest if you don’t know how to swim it costs 50 pesos each. There are also 2 mini falls at  the other side of the falls.

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/krizzhia.bigornia/media_set?set=a.1063337530410137.100003100839135&type=3