Jingle Bells – Christmas Village




Let me give you a small hint, the snow in the Christmas Village is not real snow. This is the same situation as the time when people were gathered in Session Road, expecting snow to come but actually watching soap bubbles fall from the sky. That’s what the snow is in the Christmas Village, soap bubbles. You even have to be careful in navigating around given that. Nonetheless, despite that it is still popular and commonly visited by tourists and locals alike. Even my family makes it a point to visit Christmas Village when it’s around.

Before I saw Christmas Village, all I ever relied on is my classmates’ stories. This is since I am from the Special Program in the Arts during High School, I have classmates that are under Choir. They are once invited to sing in the Christmas Village. Given that, I only relied on their stories as to how it looks like.

One night, when my Mother decided that we go visit the Christmas Village, I’m curious as to how it looks like. However, it kind of betrayed my expectations with the soap bubbles. I thought they would at least present it in a way wherein it would look closely like snow, not to mention the possible hazard that soap can do when you’re stepping on it.

Even so, I am not undermining the Christmas Village as a whole. If you are with your family and with siblings that are still young (and given how I love watching people), it would probably be heartwarming to you. I mean, just looking at families who actually take the time to come there even though it wasn’t exactly as extravagant as people might think, it’s still something they can think of going to.


Dancing Elves


Santa Toy Factory


A Sled ride

I can say the same with my family. Aside from that, if you enter it would feel more like you entered an actual Christmas Village minus the faux snow (well, at least they tried). You can see actual reindeers, snow men, elves and all the usual things (I haven’t seen Santa either or I might not have noticed him). Either way, it is worth a visit. So, jingle bells jingle bells to Christmas Village.